Forms 2


When the meter binding applies to a meter element, the element is expected to render as an ‘inline-block’ box with a ‘height’ of ‘1em’ and a ‘width’ of ‘5em’, a ‘vertical-align’ of ‘-0.2em’, and with its contents depicting a gauge. When the element is wider than it is tall(or square), the depiction is expected to be of […]


Represents the completion progress of a task. Progress may be either indeterminate — meaning it is unclear how much work remains before the task is complete (e.g., the task is waiting for a response from a remote host) — or a numeric value between 0 and a given maximum, explicitly specifying the fraction of work […]


Represents the result of a calculation. The optional for attribute allows an explicit relationship to be made between the result of a calculation and the elements representing the values that influenced the calculation. If specified, the for attribute must contain a string consisting of an unordered set of unique, space-separated tokens, each of which must […]