The main element is an exact analogue of ARIA’s role=»main», and is designed to show screenreaders and assistive technologies exactly where main content begins, so it can be a target for a «skip links» keyboard command, for example. It could also be used for content syndication (Instapaper-ish things); mobile browsers could zoom in on main when encountering non-responsive websites. It […]


Represent headings and subheadings. These elements rank in importance according to the number in their name. The h1 element is said to have the highest rank, the h6 element has the lowest rank, and two elements with the same name have equal rank. <h(n)>Heading Title</h(n)>


Represents the «footer» of a document or section of a document. The footer element typically contains metadata about its enclosing section, such as who wrote it, links to related documents, copyright data, etc. Contact information for the section given in a footer should be marked up using the address element.


Represents the «header» of a document or section of a document. The header element is typically used to group a set of h1–h6 elements to mark up a page’s title with its subtitle or tagline.  header elements may, however, contain more than just the section’s headings and subheadings — e.g., version history information or publication date.


Represents a generic document or application section. In this context, a section is a thematic grouping of content, typically with a header, possibly with a footer. Examples include chapters in a book, the various tabbed pages in a tabbed dialog box, or the numbered sections of a thesis. A web site’s home page could be split into sections for […]


Represents navigation for a document. The nav element is a section containing links to other documents or to parts within the current document. Not all groups of links on a page need to be in a nav element — only groups of primary navigation links. In particular, it is common for footers to have a list of links to […]


Represents a section of a page that consists of a composition that forms an independent part of a document, page, or site. This could be a forum post, a magazine or newspaper article, a Web log entry, a user-submitted comment, or any other independent item of content.